Reflective Supervision

Qualified Supervision for Healthcare Providers and Other Professionals

Reflective Supervision is for professionals who want to maintain regular protected time to reflect on their work. It’s for people in careers focused on caregiving such as midwives, nurses, physicians, social workers and teachers. It’s for anyone working in the helping professions including volunteers, first responders, or anyone with the public as their client. Reflective Supervision can benefit anyone who is working in or for an organisation, anyone with a boss, or anyone encouraging a team. It’s for anyone seeking deeper thinking to make sense of what is happening in complex work environments.

Reflective Supervision improves wellbeing and sustainability in the workplace. 

Reflective Supervision creates a safe space and a supportive environment where people find insight and create options to progress themselves.

Morag MacAulay Reflective Supervisor

As a clinical supervisor, Morag’s goal is for enhanced practitioner wellbeing, which in turn generates improved clientoutcomes, collegial and cross-discipline relationships, retention and working life satisfaction. READ MORE