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About Reflective Supervision

Morag from Reflective Supervision Dunedin
Morag from Reflective Supervision Dunedin

Reflective Supervision is for professionals who want to maintain regular protected time to reflect on their work. It aims to promote workforce sustainability through supporting professional development and promoting emotional well-being. Clinical supervision is encouraging, supportive, strengthening and clarifying.

Through offering clinical and reflective supervision, Morag hopes to provide a real and useful strategy to support, develop and sustain a professional practice. She has a real passion and drive to help others to improve their overall wellbeing in the workplace, with their business, colleagues and customers. Morag relishes the opportunity to help professionals to thrive and have a more sustainable working life.

About Morag

As a a clinical supervisor, Morag’s main goal is for enhanced practitioner wellbeing, which in turn generates improved client outcomes, collegial and cross-discipline relationships, retention and working life satisfaction.

Morag’s Background in the Health Sector

Morag grew up on a farm in Northern Southland and has lived for many years in Central Otago. She has a Bachelor of Midwifery from Otago Polytechnic and has been a practising midwife in the hospital and community (urban and rural settings) for over 18 years.

She has been a midwifery standards reviewer and the pilot mentor of the New Graduate Midwifery in the First Year of Practice programme. She has also spent three years lecturing in Midwifery at Otago Polytechnic, with a focus on Women’s Health and Sociology.

As a midwife, she has practised as a community midwife, and hospital midwife across Oamaru, Queenstown and Dunedin. She has also worked as a locum midwife and mentor midwife. She is well-versed in supporting people who are distressed and is well known for being kind, caring, empathetic and compassionate. She is a strong believer in supporting others to find their own unique solutions, which work for them.

She understands that working in health care is rewarding and people are truly passionate and driven. It can be as much a calling as a career, and as such can be a double-edged sword where too much passion turns into overload, overworking, high-stress and burnout. Staff can experience high levels of emotional stress, irrespective of their level of experience.

Morag as a Clinical Supervisor

While Morag has a strong focus on midwifery, in Clinical Supervision she works with professionals in any industry where supporting and helping others is critical. She is driven to help people who care about other people; to be their best selves and truly thrive in their professions.

As a Clinical Supervisor, she has completed clinical supervisor training from Clinical Supervision Consultancy, Sydney. Morag follows the Role Development model of Clinical Supervision developed by New Zealand Michael (Mike) Consedine and has undertaken training with Paul Spurr. Clinical Supervision sessions are private, confidential and safe and undertaken in sunny space at her private residence.

Morag is passionate about increasing the awareness of the benefits of clinical supervision, with professionals reporting a positive impact on their work, interpersonal skills, situational responses and career goals. This emerging strategy to support, develop and sustain professionals in their practice is seeing more people adopt a reflective model into their way of working.

Find out more about Morag and Reflective Supervision

If you’re interested in finding out more about Reflective Supervision and how it works, please explore the website or get in touch with Morag by calling or texting 027 671 8221.